Accessibility Portfolio


Mobile Apps

“QuickClear” in the App Store

Developed prototype and working app.
Depending on the class level you have achieved, the protocols populate accordingly. I am currently working on an update to open a web page describing each protocol when link is activated.

Title screen Quick ClearIs it clear screen Select protocol to clear screen Identify what to test Next steps screen


“VIP Victor” in the App Store

Prototype for VIP Victor that has working scroll views, pickers, drawer menu, search with filter configured in Xcode Storyboard.

10 screens for VIP Victor app



Healthy Habit Prototype using Flinto

Interactive prototype using gamification for iPhone that helps the user identify and create a healthy habit as a proactive and preventative action for possible medical issues.

Title screen for Healthy Habit app Map view of Healthy Habit game Start screen for Healthy Habit game Choose gender screen Choose interest screen Choose a habit from suggestions Habit milestone screen Completed habit screen